How to identify fake Rolex watches

With the continuous development of market economy , in order to meet the different needs of consumers , the continued listing of a series of replica watches , both the appearance and workmanship are very similar with the real watches , generally not a professional, it is difficult to distinguish the watch authenticity to , which for consumers want to buy genuine watches brought many troubles , they may to a very high price , but buy a replica watch , online, there are a lot of information on how to identify genuine Rolex watches fake postings,At this point, I would summarize my view:

First, the case

Case of discrimination is difficult for beginners to master part. Shell without sanding, body piercing meets prefix prefix mark whether the shell and the upper surface of needles, etc. , etc., which all need to do more homework to find information more physical touch . The fake Rolex Case biggest feature is often “mix and match ” different types of campaigns frequently mix together to make up a new product , they do so because it is also estimated to reduce costs . Some fake Rolex watch case is still printed on the back of the material does not match with the description of the table , such as some steel between the gold material will be printed .

Second, the strap

Distinguish strap, we can pull from one , two fold, three stroked to proceed.

Pull , real Rolex movement, a crowbar to autopilot , ROLEX movement plates engraved with the words , also engraved with the movement number : 1570,2135,3135,3035 …… so fake Rolex is not.

Off , remove the strap, case middle ear side table table -type batch plant , and the lower middle lugs table number , basically no fake Rolex , fake Rolex also have some time , but not neat and clear ;

Stroke , stroke belt is smooth and supple feel , you can verify or add a plastic belt clip too , multi- stroked more true, false one stroke at a glance ! Done , clip off, look shiny belt edge and angle of the head of the festival features also be able to judge.

Generally not experienced people can refer to the following:

1 . Metalworking roughness ( really not rowers , fake Rolex paddlers , especially metal strap )

2 . Glass brightness ( really a sapphire glass , very bright , high transmittance, and generally can not be worn )

3 . Price ( the difference between true and false are many, many , ah, do not believe in parallel and special channels )

4 . Global security cards and boxes ( there are genuine Rolex , fake Rolex no )

5 . Since 2005, Rolex watches in the inner dial engraved with ROLEX words, and in the glass dial six o’clock position has a laser engraved crown , be careful to find the right angle to see the light .u=1529824564,715928887&fm=23&gp=0

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