Why do you like replica Rolex watch

Wear a Rolex watch has become a status symbol of successful people. Rolex highly respected all walks of life around the world, have a deeper watch collectors of all ages – or love its precision, or appreciate its elegance, its durability or favorite ……

Rolex history and its founder Hans Wilsdorf’s name closely. Born in 1881 in the Bavarian city of his youth to get involved in international business. For business at the beginning of cultured pearls, 19-year-old home Ruishi Defen, watch for a specialized factory for export agent. In 1905, he founded his own company, called “Wilsdorf and David company” is a company responsible for sales of watches, but he also developed a self-made watches.

The most common form in the secondary market is generally the 1960s and 1970s after Rolex watches, they will also have to watch, practicality and appreciation potential. For example: the 1960s and 1970s Rolex produced steel watch 1570 movement, with its robust performance, has been recognized by the consuming public, and even some collectors believe it is more than a Rolex 3135 movement watches more excellent mainstream therefore its price in recent years in the secondary market has been steadily rising table. Goods with good steel watch 1570 movement in the price of 4,000 yuan, and now in the secondary table market, its price has reached 13,000 yuan.

But we now have people like our new era replica Rolex watch, because the real Rolex watch will be expensive, but the secondary market Rolex watch but did not feel quite the trend, and our replica Rolex watch – it is not only a wide range of trendy styles, as well as close to a real Rolex watch with the same quality, and most importantly, a copy of the Rolex watch is really much cheaper price than they look like the real thing, so now the big The reason most people like a copy of the watch19

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