Teach you how to identify fake watches

20111008170626-17615766921, LOGO: LOGO general replica watches is most likely to expose LOGO, especially LOGO on the surface. You can use four times the eyepiece to see the work carefully. If it is generally true form metal LOGO bright as new, copy watches LOGO rough edges, and some do not rule; if it is paint the word, really smooth and burr-free edge of the table, a copy of the watch word edge slightly melt the paint marks, and fonts There are shades, with 8 times the eyepiece can be seen more clearly. (Usually LONGINES, Breitling, OMEGA, ROLEX and other tables are too many imitation).

2, Bracelet: bracelet handmade workmanship can clearly see the traces must be imitation watches, fake watch some butterfly buckle strap do though more refined, but the corner at the event, has a rough unpolished details, as long as careful point You will be able to find flaws.

3, see the appearance of a digital ID number: general watch has a case type and movement models, luxury watches should have production number of the table, the movement production number and bracelet number, these tags form the back of playing inside and outside. In addition, some of the tables in the outer ear strap also has numbers.

Replica watches have no marking, but also marking. However, to observe, fake watches standard playing relatively shallow, some crooked engraved, some word wrong size, or do not conform to the law or digital watches coding digits long. (ROLEX, TUDOR production number begins with a letter plus six figures, and OMEGA and RADO are eight digits. Found false radar has 13 digits, and is stamped on the back cover, it means doing thousands watches are likely to be a number.

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