Tokyo replica watches analysis

According to “Beijing Morning Post” reported earlier, Mr Li Peng online high price of 690 yuan to buy a counter price of October 19 to be the classic sports watch Tissot PRC200 3000 yuan. However, Lee found a printed pattern on the watch packaging vague instructions on there Dropouts phenomenon, even on the warranty card vendor chapter are not. He suspected that they are buying a fake watch, the Internet also has other buyers expressed similar doubts.

By the electricity supplier industry sources, the current electricity supplier in fact many companies are selling Casio watches, but for maximum sales Jingdong, Jingdong monthly Casio watches sales reached 500 million or more, is 10 times Dangdang, while Amazon Casio watches sales reached 6-8 times Dangdang. These fake watches, Casio EF is the largest series of watches, because this series is produced in Guangzhou, and because the Casio G-SHOCK series of origin in Thailand, climbing Origin series in Japan, so the movement and accessories can not be assembled in the country, so in the country and there was little fake. Jingdong selling the most, precisely this series of Casio watches.

Why Jingdong always appear in so many replica watches it? In essence, I think, or Jingdong wrong concept of development can not get away. Jingdong has declared zero profit expansion, price to win, in the Chinese market, the price of victory is correct, most consumers are price sensitive, but you really want to do the absolute minimum, there are two ways, one is the master bargaining power purchase, a is a special purchase channels, before that, as Suning, Gome, Dangdang to enter this field, Jingdong no bargaining power that will be weakened, not to mention the previous day as well as independent cat, then the latter point, it is inevitable there will be appear fake, refurbished goods, etc. problems.DSC01800

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