Rich imitation watches

Lift imitation brand-name watches, many people will think of twenty or thirty dollars a roadside stalls of “stall watch.” On some of the old flea market in Xiamen, even in the evening of the bridge, the road, such a “world famous watch” seems to kinda have a market. The common thought is that people are not concerned about the high consumption of these imitation watches, they will go to the mall to spend big money to buy a worry. “But the rich buy imitation watches.” According to the owner of a trading hardcover watches Liu said, basically every one has to buy the world watches the rich will buy an identical or similar fine imitation watches, and, wearing The time table is more authentic than the long.

People do not like bluntly, “fake”, but the reporter learned in visits in the watch industry, people know the name of imitation watches also rank or grade points. In some of the franchise, “World Watch” watch shop selling watches simulation is an open secret. Many stores even “open door” to tell you that it is not genuine world watches, but fine imitation goods. The so-called fine imitation watches, is one hundred percent true form according to imitation, from the outside and really almost identical.

“These watches have a three to five hundred dollars, as well as a couple of thousand dollars, just to see what you want out of stock.” According to Mr. Cai introduced fine imitation watches price generally only really watch the tenth about. Some more common in the market of high-end watches, the purchase price is not high, spend a few thousand dollars, you can purchase one or two million to get, and then shot inexpensive.

This fine imitation watches different from the kind of watches sold on the street, on the street stalls selling the underground factory-made, quality is very good! Put a few days there will be a problem! This fine imitation of our watches are regular fake watches from Hong Kong factory, technology and movement have a very good guarantee; either texture or appearance looks very realistic, and very close to the real thing, but the real thing will be absolute and There are subtle differences, such as the thickness of the font, the size of the logo, and other details! Fine imitation goods are not made to be exactly the same and genuine, otherwise it will be check, but this subtle difference, most people can not see out of.5536_thumb_G_1412814685802

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