About High imitation watches, fine imitation watches

I am in high imitation watches, fine imitation watches, industry practitioners considered certain qualifications, and in recent years the industry chaos, so that some profiteers affect business, here to tell you to avoid being taken under universal.

Imitation watches basic posture: For imitation watches, is also of rank or grade, good Swiss ETA movement of imports, which finished in about 3,000 yuan price ,,, core followed by seagulls, seagull plant in Tianjin, is to ETA do OEM business, quality is first-class, it imitation ETA2824 / 2826/2892 and other movements, some big sites buy more than 2,000 high imitation of Longines, Omega Seamaster high imitation, high defense table, are used Seagull core. Then followed Pearl core, also known as Canton core, or Shanghai core, these two manufacturers of the movement is Taobao, sell high imitation of the table on the micro-credit, half of these two plant core, inexpensive, machine core price between 300-500, is relatively stable. Of course, there are, for example domestic Nanning core, core Dandong, Hangzhou core and the like, can be said that this kind of garbage in the garbage, is very unstable when walking, of course, the biggest advantage is that the cheaper a core between 50-200, Taobao sell three or four hundreds of high imitation of such core tables are used. Not much here to say, Men do not sell these.

We sold most of them are fine imitation brand-name watches steel sheet body, steel bracelet or leather strap, other materials will be clearly marked in the description of the table! Surface is generally divided into two types, one is coated with high hardness crystal glass, the other is sapphire crystal glass, the former relatively inexpensive, can withstand minor metal pierced, will not damage the surface, which can withstand the metal sapphire and other material damage. But you can not touch the metal diamond ingredients, since the hardness of sapphire itself is less than diamond, it is a physical sense, I will not explain.4364_thumb_G_1479860513

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