Replica watches composition

Recently many people ask me whether it is now on the market or online there are a lot of people selling replica watches, then how about the quality of these replica watches it? They are worth the price? So Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the composition of the replica watches today.

Also, or whether it is an ordinary watch Swiss watches, watches are a fundamental part of the three parts: Header; strap; movement. Watches price differences caused by different watches appearance of the material, the different levels of complexity and value of different brands movement, a common component of various watches difference.

What is watch the meter? Popular terms, watches header, also known as dial by shell, bottom, Rose, waterproof apron, I circle, circle mouth waterproof plastic, mirror, mirror apron, within the shadow, head, Press the (transfer time) composed. Although the first part of the watch list more, but the price ratio of the watch is also only a block header third of the price of the watch.

As we all know, is now roughly divided into mechanical and quartz watches, electronic watches two categories on the market. So watch these two categories of normal time displayed is necessarily absolutely the right time? Not necessarily! In physics terms of all things there is an error, then the watch is no exception. But all the errors have a range of allowable error, mechanical watches for 20 seconds every day for the speed error is within the allowable range watches, quartz watches, but for eight seconds faster per month is within the allowable range. Remind wearing a watch worth noting that the watch is not accumulated time error superimposed.13

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