Do you have it in ebay bought fake watches

The most recent is always in line to see some of the postings, said ebay selling fake watches, who are deceived many messages, very angry, if you are want to block watches, if you are planning to buy a watch ebay , then the following have bought watches in ebay consumer message, worth over and over again for reference, if you do not want to go to ebay to buy a bad fake watches, buy it before, you will find many online about ebay Watch data as a reference, so that when you buy a watch when you know what is really watches, fake watches, which is, would not be so gullible.

User 1: I’m really disappointed in the end ebay, my watch dealer is “Derui Heng” But there Tissot did not admit this dealers in Tissot also worse than the official website, the watch rough work, but also 2800 To me, really has no ears. ebay you sell fake watches, I must have been 315 complaints in the end! !

User 2: I also do not buy a fake watch ebay to explain the procedure is too cumbersome Tissot fuckin

User 3: We bought the unit with not less than 10 Casio Casio Seiko I sell directly to the shop to ask the people did not say that he just said the manufacturers send fake online shopping mall with goods is not quite the same, but sometimes He is definitely out of the manufacturers that if it is something you can not sue your fake ask? Our co-workers have been waiting to buy things ebay have to sue fake it!

User 4: the guys, I also bought a ebay watches, Casio, unfortunately tell you, I gave a repair person watches more than a decade, the people do not have to split the movement say, just look at it one hundred percent false appearance watch, this is just advice, there are unbelievers can buy, and then himself to the inspection, I declare that I lie dead family, the whole thing the whole truth, demands the return is not to retreat。


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