Why do you like to buy a high imitation watches?

Recently nothing else, stroll Taobao, Dangdang and imitation watches it, find uploaded imitation watches really, of course, people who buy imitation watches plenty of money, so why now buy imitation watches people so much? Based on personal experience and some guesswork, summed up the following several reasons:

1, Price: Undoubtedly imitation watches price than the real price of brand-name watches is much lower, which may also why there are so many

The biggest reason people buy imitation watches it. Although with the economic development, the modern standard of living has improved, but if you want to have a positive real genuine watch, that for most people, is a luxury thing, because the real price of brand-name watches really true too high.

2. Quality: High imitation watch movement with INCBLOC, such as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, love their generally do not look closely you will not find high-end watches have high-end traditional practices, usually KIF shock device and one worm style precision adjustment structure (called “Austrian Manchester vertical”) portfolio, is a sign of high-end watch movements, at least in Romania with eccentric nail trimmer body.

Again, there are a number of brand-name large table, will use ETA movement, but usually do some other fine processing (grinding). Another characteristic is their number named the movement, such as Longines, radar, British Nag, (such as the British Nag ETA2671, movement plate engraved with “AR770″, it had been an announcement, if there is no movement of the floor of the AR that imitation watches.1357785048619454036

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