Teach you how to recognize replica watch strap

Replica watch strap and belt total is divided into strips. 1. strip by strip joint, ear covers, raw ear, dead ear, (hairpin, sleeves, squid, etc.), snaps (folding buckle, butterfly, snaps) composition; 2. animal leather belts, artificial leather, composite leather, cloth, fabric and other various materials. It was with the strap in order to display the time of “header” beam on the wrist, the watch strap so regardless of the material, but also the third block watches price ratio.

Steel: Steel, chromium and nickel compounds, steel, chromium and nickel compounds, stainless steel processing difficult, corrosion and wear resistance are better than the former, the surface can be plated or not plated, polished or spray only do sand, pull sand, forming a three-dimensional effect of different appearance. Can repair scratches. Part of the Rolex watch strap articulated, that is used to adjust the strap length, are generally connected to the studs with screws, so removed is not difficult, there are a small screwdriver and a pair of tweezers enough, another magnifying glass should have.

Wear a replica watch strap should be adjusted to fit the length of his wrist, so as to comfort the skin (including fiber, rubber quality) strap usually 7-8 hole, like belt, as he is able to adjust, metal strap adjustment generally require professionals to do, and some require special attention watches, bracelets and watches shell Siamese type strap, the most easy to get (there is a qualitative rubber watch band, you need to cut off the excess length ), given once it chopped the private “life-long”, and must be single-mindedness; there is the kind of band pieces larger than the length of each section, the more one too fat, too short a thin, non- easily be adjusted to a suitable scale.

All replica watches have up and down again with the best adjustment is too close to the innermost and outermost extreme degree is not good, this is not the appearance and safety. How long is the right watch band? I searched on the web too, would like to find an authoritative survey about the Chinese people and the typical values ​​mean circumference of the wrist, the result is not found.5063_thumb_G_1490091685

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