There are differences between replica Breitling Avenger and Genuine Breitling Avenger watch

Breitling Avenger series design concept stems from Breitling perfect interpretation of the four elements – rock-solid stainless steel case, highly functional, extraordinary excellence of performance, rugged lines of striking design . they are built on the Avenger platform, and feature a rugged solid stainless steel case with a screw down crown.

Today, Breitling watches with its sophisticated timing won the “aviation computer” reputation, loved by the people, but also attracted a lot of unscrupulous businessmen imitation Breitling watches. So how do you distinguish between genuine and fake Breitling Avenger watch it? Let me teach you some small way, I hope to give you help.

There are differences between a replica Breitling Avenger and a Genuine Breitling Avenger watch . The first is the luminescent dot on the top in the replica watch we can see that particular dot on the bezel being a green color rather than a clear white color like on the original watch . The second difference is given by the brand logo, which can be seen in the original watch “Breitling 1884 Chronometer Certifie” but on the replica watch the word “”Certifie” doesn’t appear anymore . The third difference is given by the hour markings that are designed as double lines on the original watch but are only shown as a single line for each hour on the replica watch.u=595622401,554119045&fm=21&gp=0

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