One difference between real Cartier and fake Cartier

Cartier replica watches have always been the perfect accessories for those who seek elegance, prestige and style. These timepiece have such a long history behind them, that feeling grateful while sporting a Cartier on your wrist is something inevitable. but There are a few Cartier replica watches ,they are Same shape, same materials, same name and same watches,However, it isn’t a real Cartier.

There are a few ways to distinguish between a real Cartier and a fake. A real Cartier watch is heavier than a fake one. This is due to the quality of the metals in the watch. If a watch is a genuine Cartier, the word “Cartier” is visible after the case back is removed, inscribed on the watch’s movement. An authentic Cartier watch can often be identified by the excellence of the logo.

Most Cartier watches use a substance called LumiNova to provide the glow to the dial and hands that allows you to read the time in darkness. Replica Cartier watches normally have a poor quality luminous material applied compared to a genuine watch. The replica won’t glow as brightly or as long when charged and viewed in a low light situation.u=366006406,3265869889&fm=23&gp=0

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