Men’s replica Watch —— Cartier Tank Watch

Louis Cartier was a famous watchmaker from France who became famous for his fine designs in Cartier watches. In the late 18th and early 19th century, he was largely responsible for the increasing popularity of the wristwatch as opposed to the pocket watch. Many aristocrats and crowned heads of Europe purchased Cartier watches, which featured fine workmanship and materials . Crafted from the finest steel, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, and utlizing the highest grade of diamonds worthy of the Cartier name,

In 1917 Cartier Watches created their famous Tank line which was inspired by the tough new war machine the Americans introduced to the fighting in Europe, the tank to design a rugged yet beautiful watch that became a classic. The lines and proportions of the Tank watches represent those of actual tanks, with the color and decorations of the watches being similar to those of real tanks as well. A special sapphire cabochon adorns the crown of many Cartier watches in general and all of the Tank style watches in particular. The now-iconic Tank watch has inspired countless variations, yet managed to preserve its distinctive identity.

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