How to Identify a Fake Replica Cartier Watch?

For Cartier watches, some counterfeits are easy to detect, others require a close inspection of the movement while lastly, A grade counterfeits can only be detected by experienced watch specialists. You can use a few approaches to Identify a replica or fake Cartier, I list some methods below for your references. If you want to buy a genuine Cartier, you must ensure that the product you are getting is authenticate and not an elaborated copy.
1、The easiest way to spot a fake Cartier watch is to look for the inscription and serial number. Inside the back case, a real Cartier has “Cartier” inscribed on the movement. A real Cartier also has the serial number engraved; on a fake, it is barely etched.
2、If a watch is a genuine Cartier, the word “Cartier” is visible after the case back is removed, inscribed on the watch’s movement. Screws for a Cartier case back are typically on the side or back of the watch. Authentic Cartier cases are beautifully constructed and have excellent engraving.
3、 Many of these replica Cartier watches are made by people whose first language is not English. Because of this, several spelling errors have slipped into the final products and make determining if a watch is counterfeit very easy.u=2926139216,1256426126&fm=23&gp=0

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