replica Panerai watches of the Special Editions series

u=444856497,1482680288&fm=21&gp=0The sea represents Panerai’s identity and its place of origin. The sea is pure passion, a passion that lives again in Eilean, the Bermudian ketch from 1936 built at the Scottish Fife shipyard and returned to the sea in 2009 thanks to a restoration that took more than 40,000 hours.

Replica Panerai progressively improved its designs, with increased luminosity of numerals and hands, and the now famous crown-locking device. These retro-themed fake Panerai Luminor watches are famous for their harmonious designs that feature solid stainless steel bracelets as well as a variety of leather.

Today’s Replica Panerai retains many of the prototype’s features: a large, cushion-shaped steel case (47mm), luminescent numerals and indices, wire lugs directly welded to the case, a hand-wound mechanical movement, and a water-resistant strap long enough to be worn over the diving suit. Many collectors purchase replica Panerai timepieces from the Special Editions series as soon as they are released as these watches are produced in very limited numbers and fetch high resale prices for this reason.

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