The Italian design of Replica Panerai timepieces

u=2431352412,3421750671&fm=21&gp=0Panerai has always been about standing out from the crowd and being a little bit different so having its timepieces competing with the younger, “cooler” watches that are on the market today really make them stand out. They’re basically anachronisms, not relics. This is something that they use to their advantage, since modern day watches simply can’t create Panerai replica watches as good as they did back then.

Sylvester Stallone sparked interest among watch connoisseurs when he was spotted wearing the largest watch in the Panerai catalog, the 60mm Panerai Egiziano, in 2009. Stallone, with his Italian roots, is not the only celebrity to have a love for the Italian design and Swiss mechanics of Panerai timepieces.

Replica Panerai has a complete range of In-House movements entirely assembled by hand at its Manufacture in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With a strong design and functional identity, the replica Panerai movements are the expression of the excellence of research and development in the field of high-precision time-keeping instruments.

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