immensely popular collection of Replica Chopard watches

In 1960, a hundred years since the original establishment of this venerable company, Chopard Watches passed into the hands of the young watchmaker and talented goldsmith, Karl Sheufele. He added the jewelry element to the already famed Chopard watches combining accurate timekeeping with refined elegance in the unique Chopard way. This timeless quality is evident in the super fabulous and immensely popular Chopard Happy collection of watches.

The LUC is the ultimate dive/sport watch, with automatic movement and an impressive power reserve. Passion and innovation can be clearly seen in each watch from the L.U.C. collection. Chopard replica watches pride themselves on attention to every detail and the 3 years of research and development that went into the release of the L.U.C., and the fact that all L.U.C. watches come with COSC certification. The L.U.C calibers are produced in-house at the new Chopard facility in Switzerland.

Our websit is proud to offer the largest selection of brand new, Replica Chopard watches including the Mille Miglia, Happy Sport, Happy Sport Oval, Imperiale, Les Classique, Happy Beach/Fish, La Strada, LUC, Two O Ten, Ice Cube, Miglia Tycoon, Happy Spirit.u=673470728,6009931&fm=21&gp=0

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