High-end designer Designer Swiss replica U-Boat

u=268196859,935031084&fm=21&gp=0In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, discovered these precious designs, which were to become his source of inspiration for the creation of the first U-Boat watch and his new dimension in time. U-Boat watches are characterized by their strong identity, large size, perfect legibility in all light and weather conditions, along with their bold and distinctive design: the left crown protected by a specially designed safety cover. Just like their original namesake, these watches are bold, aggressive and oversized.

The U-Boat U42 watch is a great example of this combination at work. The chunky dials and oversized numbers make the watch look rugged, and it is just as durable as it appears. The case is made of titanium, sapphire crystal 5.5 mm thick rubber strap, the traditional “left-handed” protected crown, power reserve of 40 hours, water resistance is up to 1001bar, which in fact gave the name of the model.

we offer a wide range of various product lines by replica U-Boat. Our company focuses exclusively on famous, high-end designer Designer Swiss replica U-Boat, Every piece is operated by an automatic or manually wound Swiss ETA movement, Company’s dedication to high-quality work.

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