Replica Ferrari Lap Time Chronograph Introduction

u=563025107,292000438&fm=15&gp=0Replica Ferrari is famous not only for its classy and sporty cars that are admired by everyone, but are also known for manufacturing premium class Ferrari digital chronograph wristwatches that accompany the company’s image as a sporting brand.

Replica Ferrari Lap Time Chronograph is once again available in the market with its combined analogue/digital (anadigit) time representation, as provided by Scuderia Replica Ferrari . On August 2, 2009, the original version of the Replica Ferrari Lap Time Chronograph was launched and the first entire batch of Replica watches was quick sold outs within mere 24 hour.

One of the most apparent design highlights is the bright, colorful selection of face options available. Whether it’s white details on black, black-ringed counters on a red background, a grey center on black, yellow counters on a black background, or the more subdued black on black option, there is a color choice to suit any personality. Hand-sewn dark alligator leather straps with metal buckles that match the case material grace all Officine Panerai Replica Ferrari wristwatches.

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