Top quality replica watches—Swiss IWC watch

201513022463269439The International Watch Company (IWC) is a combination of an American dream and Swiss technology to produce top quality watches. In 1869, Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American from Boston, utilized the world renowned Swiss watch making craftsmen and rented his first factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. His objective was to draw from all the excellence of the American watch system of mechanism with the intense skillful watch handiwork of the Swiss.

Now IWC employs over 650 people, including 180 of the world’s highest skilled watchmakers. In the 19th Century, IWC demonstrated a passion for innovation through pocket watches such as the Pall weber which had a revolutionary digital hour and minute display, and by the end of the century IWC were producing their first wrist watches. In the 1950s IWC’s automatic movements were advanced with all the Pellaton winding device, a copyrighted automatic winding process that limited energy loss by swapping out traditional gears.

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