One of the newest of the Ocean Star collection — Replica Mido Ocean Star Captain IV Watches

u=4279509384,372887411&fm=21&gp=0Founded in Switzerland by Georges Schaeren in 1918, Mido is today based in the town of Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. In the 1920s, Mido introduced elegant lady’s watches with color enameled shaped cases and modern straps as well as visually attractive timepieces for gentlemen in art deco style, which rapidly established the image required for the new brand name.

The Mido Ocean Star Captain IV Watch, one of the newest of the Ocean Star collection, is, without doubt, a grand and imposing design. The textured, deep blue dial is matched by a bezel of the same hue, and the white rectangular hour markers add beautifully to the aesthetics. WORLDTIMER was the first analog watch which indicated the local time-zone anywhere in the world instantly with almost play-like ease of use.

Replica Mido is a Swiss watchmaking company . It produces replica watches that are functional and that feature modern technology. They also have attractive designs that are also timeless. There are lady’s Mido replica watches and men’s versions in various styles for you .

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