The first timepieces on the moon – Replica watches

Omega is one of the oldest and most celebrated manufacturers of luxury timepieces, and is famed for crafting state-of-the-art watches that have a high degree of mechanical precision. Omega is among the leaders in the industry for mens, ladies, automatic, and quartz timepieces.  Most recently, Omega has revolutionized the automatic watch with the advent of the coaxial mechanism.  The American army followed suit in 1918. Since then, Omega has made more watch-making history: Omega watches were the first timepieces on the moon, as NASA chose the Omega Speedmaster Professional to supply to its astronauts.

Omega is responsible for the design and creation of outstanding timepieces known for their accuracy. Their popularity has stood the test of time with interest by collectors of vintage Omega watches at an all-time high. With an impressive range of styles, materials, and movements, as well as a broad range of functionality including the quartz, automatic, automatic chronograph, and perpetual calendar, this series is the cornerstone of pure excellence.

Swiss replicas are more expensive because there are differences in the movement and the mechanism we use.  automatic movement based Omega Constellation replica watches available from our websit. If you have further questions about this Omega replica watch, or any Omega replica watches featured on this page, please contact us .


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